Commission Portrait

Commission Process

Step One: Get with me to learn if I am currently accepting commissions, or/and if you wish to be placed on the  wait list.

Step Two: We will talk about expectations for finished product. At that time I will give you an estimate of what the piece will cost.   A deposit of 1/3 of the portrait price needs to be paid before beginning. If there are any travel expenses they will need to be reimbursed as they are happen.

Step three: If possible, the subject will sit for test photos and poses to help decide composition, and other issues.

Step four: The subject will sit for a quick 5X7″ study to help determine colors and lighting.

Step five: At this point you will approve composition, pose, and study before I continue.  Then the second payment is made in order to proceed.

Step six: I prefer to work from life, but if not possible I can use photographs.

Process of creating actual piece: a. Quick study on small canvas

b. Wash on full canvas with thinned oil paint
c. Monochromatic underpainting of full portrait
d. First layer of color put down onto canvas
e. Paint removed and applied until portrait is completion

Step seven:  When the painting is completed and dry to the touch, I will present it to the Client for final approval and payment of balance. At that time I will apply a retouch varnish to the piece for preservation.

Note: Pricing of a commissioned portrait varies depending upon the size, number of individuals, level of detail and background. Please contact Diane for an estimate, to ask questions, or to get going!

Do you NEED to travel? Is it necessary and what if it’s not?

Again I prefer to work from life, but sometimes that is just not possible.

Depending on the size and the medium used  (Oil painting or finished drawing), the prices can vary. But for a standard drawing of a portrait in charcoal on bristol paper, for $200. They are shipped flat and are unframed and unmatted. Shipping in the continental US is included if using USPS. If using another shipper, we try to charge as close to the actual shipping cost as possible.

What photos will I need to send if not traveling?

I will work from photos when necessary. If I can take my own reference images it is better. But again, I know this is not always possible. So I ask to get 2-3 clear images, that can be printed at least 5″X7″. Be aware that images shown on the internet are usually of a lower quality for printing. Even though I will use one image primarily as the reference for the piece, two or three help to give me a better idea of the individual’s appearance.

How do I actually pay for it?

I accept payment through PayPal, cash or check.

How long does it take?

It will depend on how much work is already have lined up ahead or yours. If you want it for a gift I suggest you get with me 4-5 months ahead if possible. Otherwise, just ask, as much can depend on the schedule.

What if I don’t like it?

It takes time and materials to create a piece. In order to ensure minimal loss we request a 30% deposit before the piece is started. It is nonrefundable. I have yet to create something the customer is not pleased with, when there was effective communication, before it is begun.

You will be sent images of the final piece before the remainder of the fee is due. Once the total has been paid the piece will be shipped directly to you.