Protect Your Softcover Sketchbooks

protecting your softcover sketchbooks diane dobson barton

Covering your softcover journals and notebooks will give them an extra barrrier of protection. But what is the best way to do it?

Below I show the method I learned when working in a public library. I found this useful of late when performing jobs around the studio and wanting to record information in small softcover notebooks.

As I like to carry a notebook of some sort with me wherever I go, it is nice to know it is better protected from the elements not to mention studio mishaps.

Something else to consider is create your own notebooks, and travel notebook inserts. By doing so it ensures an economical option for scraps of paper leftover from larger projects. It also is a method to ensure you have whatever paper I prefer with me at all times.

This also brings up junk journals, which is entirely another can of worms. But two I like to watch on YouTube are Johanna Clough and Nik The BookSmith.

So what do you prefer? Do you carry a notebook? A journal? Or a sketchbook with you wherever you go? What type do you prefer? DO you make your own or do you prefer a specific brand and size?

There are so many options, I would love to read your answers below!