My Five Favorite Art Studio Items 2020

Moo Biz Cards

Supposedly we are getting back to more normal activities from the Covid-19, following guidelines, of course. The last few months have made me hyper-aware of the items I always keep around me. Being in a very rural area, it limits the art materials I could purchase or have delivered. So I thought it might be fun to look at a few things I appreciate more than usual these days. Below are five such items, in no particular order.

Good oil paints

Good quality oil paints.

I purchased these a couple of years ago, and I am sooooo glad I did. I have a mishmash of oil paints collected over the years. So I probably didn’t NEED need these. But I bought them anyway because I wanted to try out better quality art supplies. I am glad I did. They are like “buttah” (You need to say it with a Brooklyn accent. Even though I am a Kansan.) If given the choice of these or other brands, I found I prefer the feel of the smooth texture and range of color choices for the price.

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HB90 Planner & Bootcamp

And yes, I know it is almost comical to mention a planner in 2020 since NOTHING in 2020 seems to have gone as planned. But even in chaos, I knew what I was supposed to be doing next, and it gave me a solid foundation to start making new decisions if necessary.

I came across Sarra due to another YouTuber mentioning her channel. Sarra is not a visual artist; She is a writer. And like me, she is a planner. I need help staying focused and on task. So much so that I often am teased at my planning to plan. But it seems to work for my brain. And right now Sarra’s HB90 is working, which says a LOT.

I have spent so much money over the years on planners and goal setting systems. And some worked better than other others. (No this is not an infomercial) LOL But I honestly, wholeheartedly wish I had used HB90, to begin with and skipped all the others

She sells the planners that you print yourself on ETSY for each quarter. You can also take her 7 days HB90 Bootcamp, which I took and am SO glad I did. Printing them yourself also means you can print them in whatever size works best for you. The one I show in on a standard 8.5×11″ sheet put together with Happy Planner discs, but I also use the A5 size in a ring binder.

Since I already used the system for one quarter, I now know I don’t need all of the sheets available in the system. So I print the ones that work for me and skip the rest.

Note: The Bootcamp takes off again on June 14th if you are interested.

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I had planned on recommending her here BEFORE becoming an affiliate. Becoming an affiliate happily just fell into my lap.

Art vertical palette

Parallel Palette

Yes, yes, I know there are other vertical palettes on the market that have covers and can be used with a tripod. But this one was designed by an artist I admire, and it works beyond wonderfully for me.

I have had it for about two years now, and I don’t see myself going back. It’s sitting next to my large easel since the day I opened it.

David’s site:

fountain pen

Pilot Retro Pop Collection

I AM a pen nerd. As far as fountain pens go, this one is relatively basic and generic. But I LOVE it! I love it so much; I bought myself a second one. I love the way it writes, I love how the lid posts onto the barrel, I love the colors of barrels, and I love that I am not throwing out a plastic refill or the whole pen when the ink is all used.

I love the way it writes, I love the fact that I can change color of inks at will. It’s just been a good over all solid pen.

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Moo Biz Cards

Moo Business Cards

I needed some new ones, and I had used Moo before. But, I was still blown away by the quality for the price. I did not go all out on the choices and kept it pretty basic, but still, I was impressed. This time I chose ten different images of my work to be on the backside. I could have chosen up to fifty without an additional fee. The ones shown are the standard business card size, and I also purchase slimmer ones (Tulips on the right). For 50 standard size and 100 slimmer, it was under $50, including shipping, AND I received them in a week

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There you have it. Five things that whip my crank of late. Do you have something special you use on a regular basis that you would recommend?