Art studio Diane Dobson Barton

The traditional editorial calendar no longer exists in my world. It may look like random projects showing up as classes, videos, or photos. There may or may not be long breaks between released content because creating work is what is most important.

As I am writing this, It is October 17th, 2019. It has been five months since I quit my part-time day job at a small rural public library.

Long before my last day, I was making plans. Usually, this would be a good thing until it isn’t.

People I saw succeeding at what I wanted to do were on several social media, had blogs, online classes, websites, woke up at the crack of dawn, and often traveled for speaking engagements. So, that’s what I thought I needed to shoot for as well. And I feel as though I failed in many areas miserably because it is not who I am by nature.

But, here’s the kicker: I am by nature a MAJOR introvert. Some folks may be surprised to hear this because I can put up a good front.

So my definition of success has to look different than described above. I will ALWAYS be a planner and a list maker. For instance, I am preparing art for a least one exhibit in 2020.

Creating artwork is my main priority. If I want to spend day after day making art and not post a single video of the process, then that is what will happen. If I make smart ass comments on facebook, but don’t take the time to consistently blog, then that is fine. I am giving myself the grace to be my own definition of success.

I will still be right here. But I now am letting things happen organically as I live a more authentic life.