Diane grew up in Coffeyville, Kansas and obtained an undergraduate degree in Art Education K-12, and a Master’s in Art from Pittsburg State University. She recently quit her job at the Chanute Public Library to focus full time on her visual art.

She is a coffee-loving, classic-movie watching, vintage-typewriter & camera appreciating visual artist, with a smart mouth that enjoys the sunsets, and occasional deer in her yard. She and her husband live in Humboldt, KS, where she creates traditional representational art in her home studio, writes, and enjoys their seven grandchildren.

Her most recent work consists of representational still lifes and landscapes painted with traditional methods on stretched canvas.

You can find her work at dianedobsonbarton.com and Facebook or Instagram.

Artist-How-To Publications (est. 2000) was created by Diane to focus on sharing Artist-How-To.com information.

eMail: art@dianedobsonbarton.com
Phone: 620-875-6644
Diane Dobson Barton, Humboldt, KS 66748

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