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Transparent Layered Polymer Clay Bead

Condition a 2 oz bar of transparent clay. Divide into sections and begin mixing 3 of the sections with a very small amount of colored clay in order to tint it.  Leave the fourth section alone at this point.

Create a variety of canes with the tinted transparent clays, the plain transparent clay and standard colored clay.

Making Skinner blends to use in this step with add more interest to the final project.

Create round base beads out of plain while or light colored clay.

Let the canes sit long enough to become very stiff again by waiting overnight or placing in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Slice off extremely thin pieces of each cane and add to the base beads. Overlap and layer the slices as you go. Try to get the slices as thin as you possibly can.  Not getting a full slice of a cane is fine with this project and in fact will only add to its appearance in the end.

Smooth the surface of each bead by rolling it gently in the palm of your hand. Shape the bead into its desired shape and pierce with a needle tool or wire to create the hole for use.

Cure according to clay manufacturers directions. Buff and/or polish as desired. (Those shown were varnished and dried on a bamboo skewer)