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Polymer Clay Tile Boxes



Drawing Paper


Cigar Box

Craft or Polymer Clay Knife

Assorted Conditioned Polymer Clay

Pasta Machine

Acrylic Brayer

Assorted Stamps

Assorted powders to use with polymer clay

Acrylic Paint in color of choice

1" or 1 1/2" Paint Brush

Paper Towels


Container of water

Ruler or straight edge

Aileen's Tacky Glue or E6000

Clear Acrylic Sealer or Varnish

3/4" Wood Craft Balls





1. Trace around the lid of cigar box onto drawing paper.


2. Using the ruler, draw the pattern you wish to have


3. Number each piece in the pattern


4. Make a copy of the pattern you just made, at 100% on a copy machine


5. With scissors, cut each piece of the pattern out from the copy








6. If you have not done so already, choose your color theme for the tiles


7. Condition all of the clay you will use


8. With the pasta machine roll out the tiles by placing the pasta machine on #4 setting


9. Using the polymer clay knife, or craft knife cut out each piece


of the pattern. Place the cut out pattern pieces on top of the rolled out clay and cut


around each one, in your chosen colors.


10. Place your polymer clay pieces on the top of the box according to the pattern


to make sure everything is lined up and all pieces are accounted for.


11. Using rubber stamps, stamp your chosen images into the clay tiles.


Place the pattern piece back on top of the clay piece to make sure it did not get stretched in the


stamping process. If it did, simply trim again to fit.


12. Use powders on selected tiles as you choose


13. After all pieces are stamped, decorated and altered in whatever fashion you choose,


bake them according to directions on a flat surface. (A small sheet of glass works well for this)





14. Glue the wood balls onto the bottom of the box with E6000 Glue.


15. While tiles are baking, paint the exterior and interior of the box in your chosen color.


Set it aside to dry completely (you may want to wait over night before going to next step)


16. Once the tiles are baked and cooled, transfer them to the top of the box.


17. One by one, spread Aileen's Tacky glue on the back of the tiles and put each into place


18. Set aside to dry completely


19. If you wish, you can now spray the entire surface of the box with clear acrylic sealer as an added protection


20. Enjoy :0)

Tips* If after painting the lid, if it closes too tight, use sand paper or dremel tool to sand off the inside edges of the lid.

Experiment with using different items for the legs of the box, use game pieces, scraps of wood, or anything you can find four identical pieces of!