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Tape Transfer

Some shipping tape works better then others, the best way to find the one that works best for you is to experiment. The type used in this demonstration was designed to be torn by hand. For images wider then standard shipping tape, plastic laminate is suggested. You can purchase it in rolls at most discount stores, in the plastic shelving area.


Clear Shipping Tape or laminate
Cup or small Container with Warm Water
Paper Towels
Xeroxed Image (color or black and white)
Acrylic Mat Medium or decoupage glue

1. Create a laser print, or copy of image to work with the tape or laminate.

2. Trim off any excess paper around the image

3. Cover the image with the tape or laminate, sticky side down

4. Burnish the surface with a bone folder, or finger nail.

5. Cut away the extra paper around the tape or laminate

6. Place the transfer into the warm water and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes

7. Take out of the water and place on a hard surface tape side down.

8. Rub the back of transfer until the paper begins to come off.

9. Continue rubbing off the paper until none or little remains; be careful to not run so hard that it takes the image off. What were white areas will now show as clear.

10. Once transfer dries it will regain its stickiness

11. Apply to project sticky side down

12. Cover with Acrylic Mat Medium or decoupage glue to get the desired finish.