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“The Craft of Planning Your Art Business: Clear Worksheets and Directions on Creating The Working Artist Business Plan”

~ Have Control of Your Own Art Business ~

There are other business plans programs out there, but this is guaranteed to be the one you refer to again and again as a working artist.

According to the “experts” most small business plans only need to be about 6-10 pages long. The problem is knowing what you need to include, and making yourself think it through well enough to get it down on paper.

Workbook = 70 pages – You can complete worksheets at your own pace, to have a clear image of the business you want, and the steps you need to take to get where you want to go!

Guaranteed to be helpful if you are just getting started, or already working in your own Art Business.

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Table of Contents

7     Taking Stock – Section One

  • Current Personal Inventory
  • Ideal Business Life

15   Creating the Business Plan – Section Two

  • Why Have a Business Plan?
  • Create Your Business Plan

56   Business Planning Tips and More Information – Section Three

  • Determine Your Price
  • Additional Business Tips

62   Useful Worksheets – Section Four

  • Competition
  • Determine Marketing Options
  • Your Art Inventory
  • Price Chart
  • Cataloging

71   Resources

  • Online Resources
  • Glossary