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“Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist’s Studio”


Unlike authors of other organizing books, Diane is not a professional organizer, nor someone professing to have all the answers. Rather she is someone that has worked as an artist for over 20 years, and has faced the challenges that that entails. Within the pages of this publication, she shares what she has learned works for her, and will help get you to stay organized and still have time to create!

You Will Discover:

  1. How to create an organizing system that works for YOU
  2. How to decide what to keep and what to let go of
  3. What to do with items you no longer need
  4. Use your work space to inspire creativity and productivity
  5. How to keep your workspace presentable, even while in the middle of a project

Almost seventy pages of tips, worksheets and information on organizing, to help you get your studio or work area together and keep it that way. As a working artist, Diane knows how difficult it can be to have materials take over a work space.


Table of Contents


Chapter One- Why Bother Organizing?
Declare Your Goals
“Keep It” Test
Three Steps To Organizing
Basic Organizing Tips
Supplies To Organize

Chapter Two – Know Where You Are Now
To De-stash
Sorting It All Out
Where To Start
Start Moving!
Examine Your Work Area

Chapter Three – Let The Fun Begin!
Work Space Layout
Selling Your Left-Over Items
Space Recommended
Feng Shui
Designing Tips
Eye Strain
General Organizing Tips

Re-purposing Items
Your Worktable
Items To Consider Purchasing
Cleaning Your Messy Desk
To-Do Lists
Organizing Books
Portable Office
Identity theft
Physical Filing System
Disaster Recovery

Chapter Four – Maintenance
Organize Your Computer
Keeping Your Gadgets Up

Chapter Five – Safety and Other Tips
Environmental Tips



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