Legacy: “About Me” 2017

Yarns in stash legacy artMany people choose a word to guide them. For 2017, I chose “Legacy.”

Back in the mid 90’s, I started my web-page. Our household was one of the first to get the internet in our small Kansas community, with a population of 1800 (On a good day). For years I sold eBooks, talked about art, growing cotton, my grand-kids, and yes even my dog. (Stops and pets Sparky)

In 2003 I started working part-time at an area public library. I told myself I would do it for JUST one year. It would help take pressure off of myself financially, and force me to get out of the house and around other people face-to-face. It is now January 2017, and I still work there. Why? Maybe more about that in a later post?

People ask about the eBooks. They started because I was teaching a photography class and I wanted the students to make their pinhole camera. I couldn’t find what wanted, so I made my own. I had this little book I had made purely for my student’s use, and I wondered, what would happen if I put this online? This was the beginning of me selling eBooks on eBay. Remember this was in the early 2000’s.

Over the years I sold my art and more eBooks. Then in 2013, I stopped. I haven’t painted since. Bluntly, I was broken and just could not open another emotional vein to create. (Another long story best left for another time) So I turned to knitting.

With knittinKnit Swatches Legacyg, I felt productive, creative and I could just keep going, one stitch after another. The focus eventually became learning new techniques and skills. What would I exactly do with those techniques and skills? I had no idea or clear plan at the time.

So now what?

In October of 2016, I began teaching knitting courses online through SkillShare. I made three small classes and learned a great deal in the process. Then at the end of November, my father passed away. It was not unexpected, and he is missed a great deal. It left me pondering, what would MY legacy be, once I was gone?

I wanted my life to have some meaning, some purpose. I have some training and background in education. But I knew that traditional teaching was not for me. For roughly a ten-year span in there, I taught Art as an adjunct at an area college. I found that I enjoyed the research and writing aspect, much more than the face-to-face teaching. Now it is January 2017, and here I sit, writing this post. So expect to see new eBooks released, and old-ones revamped. I have a plan. I have goals. Now I just need to work the plan.

I hope you stick around to see what happens next!

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