This time, our post looks ironically quick.

Gesture drawings are great warm-up exercise, before working on a more detailed project.

They are quick, generally taking anywhere from ten seconds to five minutes. The point is to get the gist of what you are seeing in the human form. It’s time you look for specific markers, such as hips, shoulder, knee, and head.

Figure Drawing Gesture

These are also good to do when people watching. It’s a way to capture the essence of the person in front of you, without a huge commitment, particularly children, as they rarely sit still when awake.

Figure Drawing Gesture

It is all comes down to the ability to see. Honestly see what you have in front of you, whether that be a detailed beauty you want to capture for posterity or the movement of a toddler dancing in the living room.


I have included some online resources below for reference images to use for your own gesture drawing experience. Use a timer on your smartphone, or a commercial break during a TV show (usually last 30 seconds).

Figure Drawing: Building Shapes

Activity: Take a sketch-book, or scratch paper and do some people watching. If you are hesitant to do so in public, you can try at home as people in your household go about their usual tasks.

Gesture Drawing Resources:

Quick Poses

Vimeo Video Sources

Life Drawing Models

Draw This!

Line of Action