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Bullet JournalAt the end of 2016, I decided that 2017 had to be better than 2016. 2016? Well, it sucked. For a lot of reasons. I needed to step up my game, and the best way was to have everything in one place.  To do that, I chose to use a bullet journal, to track goals/tasks/info.

Maybe you’ve seen them? If not, take a moment to Google “bullet journal.” You will find a plethora of images using washi tape, drawings, paintings, and creativity far beyond what I put into mine.

To see how to set up a traditional bullet journal, visit the website bulletjournal.com.

Mine is primarily used for lists and tracking goals. It is minimalist setup, choosing function over form. Neither is better than the other; it just needs to work well for you as an individual.

Making lists has been a necessity of mine for as long as I can recall. Likely due to ADHD.  Bullet journaling is a way for me to organize what’s going on in my head, in a visual manner. The most useful aspect referred to as a “brain dump.” This involves putting down everything on paper that is Website informationrattling around in my noggin’. All my “should’s,” “ought to’s,” and “some day’s.” Laid out for me to examine and attempt to discover their purpose.

One thing I do differently than a traditional bullet journaler is a separate journal or notebook, for the “brain dump.” I do not bother to carry the brain dump around with me, as it often contains ramblings and information that is of no real importance. It turns out it is also a good way for me to use up those journals that are odd sizes, which don’t fit in my traveler’s notebook (leather cover).

Looking for inspiration? Bullet journaling (or bujo) groups on Facebook offer a wealth of information on types, styles, and spreads. I decided a traveler’s notebook was my logical solution. It looks old school, and I could insert/remove sections at my discretion. It also offered a way for me to use some blank journals in a systematic fashion. The box of journals I own is testament to the fact that I am in fact, a journal junkie.

Bullet Journal CalendarInexpensive journals found at Dollar Tree and moleskins are my favorites to use for inserts. Travel journals (leather cover), and inserts can, of course, be found online, especially at ETSY.com.

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