#30 Charcoal Head Study

June Drawing Challenge

My “30 Heads in 30 Days” 2019 drawing challenge is a wrap! I have now drawn a head study for every day in June. There are some that I like more than others. The one shown here is toward the top of those I like. It is simple, yet shows his personality.

The goal of the exercise was not to do images of the people in my life or to get rich. It was more to get me back into the habit of working on art on a regular schedule and get my creative juices flowing. June is also the first full month that I have been without a day job. So to me, this was a jumping-off point.

What Did I Learn From Doing These Drawings?

June showed me what social media I preferred to use, what time of day I was the most productive. It showed me an entire list of things including I CAN be as productive with hubby in the house. It turns out he doesn’t distract me from things any more than I allow. I know, shocking, right. (sarcasm sign)

You can now see all of the resulting images, in all their glory and not so glorious states at http://artist-how-to.com/studio/30headsjune2019/

What About Errors In The Work?

In July, along with my adapted work routine, I will do some problems solving and spend time in YouTube videos showing myself correcting errors. Why did I leave that way to begin with? Either I ran out of time to work on them or didn’t catch it until later.

To make it balanced, I will also point out areas that I am proud of and happy accidents. :0) There ARE some areas of the drawings I am excited to talk about with you.

So what about you? Do you show people your work before you consider it the best you can create? Or do you wait until it is as close to perfect as you can get it?