Month: December 2012

Tote bag perfection?

I have been searching for the perfect ‘work-bag’, for years. One that I can carry my netbook, notes and whatever bare necessities I need. I didn’t want to carry a briefcase – come on I wear jeans and t-shirts 99% of the time. I think I am too old for a back pack, at 49.

Well, I found it.

A moment of silence please….



For the record my oldest daughter thinks it is ugly. For me, it is perfect. Mama got bag baby!

Portrait Oil Painting in Progress

I am working on a new series of portraits for January.

The process I am use is to create a monochromatic underpainting before applying the identifiable skin tones. The work is from photo references, due to time and space restraints.

Recent oil painting progress…


The underpainting was created using burnt umber and mineral spirits.


Once the underpainting is dry to the touch I can begin putting other colors onto the canvas.



Final painting 12X16″ Oil on Canvas – “Joe #2”

About Me

I stopped painting for a number of years.  While I was taking a hiatus from painting I was working in polymer clay, mixed media and creating eBooks.

I have a Master’s Degree in Art, I chose to not teach. Instead I chose to have a part-time day job in an area Public Library. When I started there I said I would do it for one year… that was going on ten years ago.

For a few years now an area gallery has been talking of me having an exhibit. It finally dawned on me that I could paint portraits of my four grandchildren, have the show, and still have the paintings for posterity.

This eventually became me rebooting my painting career. To use the term “career” sounds a bit pretentious – but there ya have it. For the last seven months I have been painting again.  It seems natural to me to choose to focus on portraits and the human figure.

I have a small exhibit in January 2013 at “Works of Art Gallery” here in Humboldt, that I am preparing. They only need about six pieces which is not a problem. Another exhibit is lined up for September of 2013 at the Bowlus in Iola, KS.  At this point it gives me nine months. Would equating it to giving birth be too obvious?

Also as part of my re-boot I have completely overhauled the studio website along with our company site Artist-How-To where we offer various artists eBooks for sale. So please be sure to look around and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Launching Blog

I began making a long list of things I could cover in this blog: proportions, mixing colors, stretching canvases etc… But I eventually realized you could find that information elsewhere from perfectly capable people, so why would you come here for it?

So what will make this blog different? By focusing on the more personal aspects of being an artist it will make it somewhat unique and still provide information you can use. A lofty goal? Perhaps.

There will be one or two posts here each week discussing what is going on in my studio and surrounding topics.