100 Heads in 100 Days has ended, and I did it!

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Information on Project

What is “100 Days = 100 Heads”? After watching the TED Talk “Inspiration Wherever You Are, The 100 Days Project” by Emma Rogan at TEDxAuckland I have decided to attempt 100 Heads = 100 Days.

To view the original video, please go to https://youtu.be/bZOwMqxLIn4

To officially join us at Artist-How-To and,  create a portrait or head study once a day for 100 days using the medium of your choice. Sign up below today and receive a printable 100-Day chart to help you keep track!

We were beginning the Challenge on April 23, 2018, but you can join at any time. One hundred days will make it end on August 1, 2018.

If you choose to share your work on social media, please use the tag #100DaysAHT so we can share the process.

If you need drawing supplies, I have a list here of what I use.

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