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Soldered Charms Directions



Soldering iron
Glass cut to size
Copper tape ¼ inch wide
Brush for flux

Create a copy of the image you would like to use. You can do this on your home printer, a copy machine or take it to a copy center. Remember you can also use a portion of an image.

Cut glass to size. Either take to a window glass cutter, or cut it yourself. Cut a piece of the embossing metal the same size as the glass and image. Sandwich them together so that the photo is in the center. Wrap copper tape around the edges of all three layers, making sure it is straight and even. Burnish the copper tape with the end of the brush or a bone folder. Use brush to apply flux to the copper tape. Heat the soldering gun. Solder even and smoothly around the edges with the solder and soldering iron. Solder a fastener onto the top edge of the charm.



Solder several together to make shapes and objects, such as a tiara! To create a round obejct simply place the individual squares or shapes around a round object such as a pop can as a guide. Just make sure you create a curve with the joined squares, it is MUCH easier then you may think.

Put two pieces of glass and an image on both sides for a key chain or double sided charm.

Add a wire with beads to an edge or two for added interest.

Layer the charm with other items - as I did above, and add to the cover of a journal.