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Rainbow Skinner Blend

If you have never created a Skinner Blend before I strongly suggest you begin with two colors only until you feel comfortable with the process.

Select six colors of polymer clay and condition. Using number 1 on the pasta machine roll out and cut into equal size squares. (Image shown does not include yellow clay)

Cut each square into a diagonal as shown.  Be sure to not go to point to point but instead be a bit to one side or the other.

Take one half of each square and lay out as shown.  Make sure each piece is tight next to the adjacent piece.

Set pasta machine one step smaller on number 2 setting, and run the clay through. 

Fold the clay back onto itself - with like color to like color. Continue doing this until all colors are blended and no streaks show.  Or until you get the desire effect. Plan on this taking at least 20 times through the pasta machine.

Skinner Blend Bead