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Finally, learn to use that f-stop, and how do you know when your background or foreground will be in or out of focus?


E-Book $3.99

"Black and White with a 35mm SLR Camera: Part One"

18 pages explaining the use basic use a 35mm SLR camera, with the goal of taking quality black and white images.

Part One - The 35mm SLR Camera

The 35mm SLR Camera
SLR Camera Parts Labeled 5
Camera Care 8
Useful Tips for Choosing the Right SLR Camera 8
Project – Test Roll 10
Depth of Field 10
Shutter Speed 11
Understanding F-stop 13
Using F-Stop and Shutter Speed Together 14
Project - Shutter Speed and F-Stop 15
The Lens 16
Project - Quiz 17