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Get in your darkroom and make a creative mess! Loose track of time and turn up the music to return to a time when it was not made in front of a glowing screen, and watch the magic happen before your eyes!


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"Black and White with a 35mm SLR Camera: Part Three"

Roughly 30 pages of how to develop traditional black and white images in a wet darkroom.

Types of Film 36
Darkroom Chemicals 37
Developing Negatives 39
Project (Developing Film) 41
Film Developing Quick Sheet 43
Film Development Worksheet 44
Push Processing 45
Film Developing Tips 46
Items in the Darkroom 48
Enlarger 49
Photographic Paper 50
Project (Photogram) 52
Project (Contact Sheet Test Strip) 53
Project (Contact Sheet) 54
Project (Print Test Strip) 54
Printing Tips 57
Project (Working Print) 59
Darkroom Filters 59
Project (darkroom Filters) 61
Dodge and Burn 62
Project (Dodge and Burn) 62
Cropping 65
Project (Cropping) 65
Project (Evaluating Photographs) 66