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Setting Up An RSS Feed




First you will need a page set up ready to be sent as an RSS feed.  For the purposes of this information I am using eblogger.  To obtain a blog go to

Once you have your blog the way you want it and wish to use it as a RSS fee you can continue with the rest of the information provided here.


Using Yahoo to set up an RSS feed is probably the most user friendly one I have come across.  But that being said not everyone likes to use only yahoo.  It is a good place for a beginner to start.

To do a yahoo feed go to

The page takes you through it step by step.  You simply add the page of your RSS feed that looks similar to

Yahoo also gives tips on how to maximize your success with your RSS, so be sure to read them as well. Once you have your blog filled in on the yahoo page you are ready to add the icon and link to direct readers to your page as described below (see *)

Those clicking on your Add to My Yahoo Link will see something similar to:


Feed Manager gives the reader a number of options f RSS Readers where they can receive your feed.  These include Google, Yahoo,  MSN, NewsGator, Bloglines, Pluck, Pageflakes, and Netvibes.  This is in comparison to just one as with Yahoo, described above.  Register and sign in .

Click on ‘Add Feed’

Name of – Give it a name that you will easily recognize the content. Such as ‘Ebay Peep’, if you are doing one on gossip of an eBay Chat room.  Don’t laugh too hard, I have seen folks do this lol.

Source Feed – Where the feed is coming from, such as the address eblogger will give you.  It will look similar to

Live feed address will resemble -

Click on ‘Add Feed’ and the screen will tell you if you have added the information correctly, as the site verifies your links you filled.

There are a number of reasons why it may tell you it did not work.  The most obvious being that you have a typo, and the other is that the page you are trying to link to is not set up for an RSS feed.  This is a good reason to start with a site such as eblogger to have your blog sent from.  It also will cut down on the bandwidth you are using.  This could wind up costing you money that you were not prepared to be spending.  

Once you get the message on the site that your information is correct and you have succeeded it is time to add links to your page so folks can click on them and register to receive your blog/feed.

*This is the simple part.  Just add RSS/XML icons found online such as through Google (Yahoo will give these to you when you add your site) and save them to your hard drive as you would any other image you use on your internet projects.

Open your webpage editor and insert the image on the page you want it to be seen at. Remember though that the page it is posted is NOT the feed your readers will be getting.  The feed was set up to come from your blog. This will just enable them to sign up to get it from the other page, such as your homepage.  Do not forget to also insert the image on your blog.

Make each icon a link to register your page by inserting an address similar to

I found depending on the browser used it will open to different appearances. In MIE 7, it gives you a link on the right that says ‘View Feed Properties’.  By following the links the viewer can register to receive the RSS feed directly to their desktop. While in Netscape and FireFox it opens to a Feed Manage page that enables them to choose how they would like to receive the feed in the number of ways mentioned above. 

In MIE 7

In NetScape and FireFox

After you are set up in Feed Manager with your RSS feed you can keep track of how many people visit and read your page.