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Create a Pin Cushion From A Found Object

In my example I am using a small trinket box I found among my late Mother-in-Law's things. Originally it had a lid that sat on the seating area with a cat on a cushion. It has sat with my office belongings for almost a year when I decided it was time to put it to good use. For this project you can use a number of things such as a cup that you particularly like the appearance of, but do not use, or as simple as a tin can.

I knew I needed a glue that would work with the fabric and the surface of the ceramic box so I chose, E6000. A small scrap from my hand dyed fabrics, a bamboo skewer, bit of polyester batting, some needle and a thread and I was set.

The material was cut to be large enough for a cushion, with a bit tucked in under and enough 'pooch' for my pins. I did not measure this to be exact but instead I eyeballed it, if you feel better with a ruler, go right ahead. I sewed the material around the edge and stuffed it with polyester batting, as much as I could and still handle it well.
The glue was applied generously around the edge of the container with one end of the skewer.
I then placed the cushion into place and used the other end of the bamboo skewer to poke the fabric in smoothly and evenly.
Because I had other things to do while it could dry, I cut out a piece of cardboard about the size of the cushion and pressed it down
I then covered the cardboard with a paper towel and wrapped it with a rubber band to keep it all in place. This helped to ensure that it would dry tight and the polyester filling would not cause the fabric to separate from the edge of the box until it was dry.


I let the box sit overnight to dry and then removed the rubber band and other materials.

It is now ready to use and looks MUCH better in my work area, especially with a few of her pearl stick pens in place. I think next I will try something with that small dainty cup I found at a garage sale several years ago I can not bare to part with :0)