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"Black and White With Your

35mm SLR Camera"

(includes a section on alternative methods)


Section 1 The 35mm SLR Camera

Chose the right camera and learn the parts of the SLR

Section 2 Taking Photographs

How to take quality photographs, including basic portraiture, sports and action, and using filters for b/w

Section 3 Developing

Developing b/w film and using them to make prints

Section 4 World of Options

Alternative methods including sepia toning, hand coloring, pinhole and more!

Section 5 Reference

Compositional guidelines, how to cut a mat for your photograph, bulk loading film and other reference information


A must have for ANY Art/Photography teacher or student! Includes projects and questions to challenge the reader.


Includes 133 pages of creating black and white photography with a 35mm SLR camera.

I am so excited to be able to offer this! I have taught photography at the college level for a number of years. These are lessons that you can use privately or as a teacher in a classroom setting. Presented in a very straightforward approach that is easy to understand.

Because it contains a large number of images in high enough resolution for printing, the book in it's entirety is approximately 25 megabytes.  It is recommended you have fast connection for downloading.

Simply make a payment and you will be directed to the PDF file in a Zip file. You will be given a password that allows you to open the file(s).

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