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Section 1 - The 35mm SLR Camera


Parts of the SLR Camera                          

Camera Care                                         

Useful tips on choosing the right SLR              

Project (Test Roll) 

Use of Camera parts                                        

Understanding f-stop                                    

Project (F-Stop)                            Lens                                                                   

Project (Quiz)                                                                  


Section 2 – Taking Photographs


Using Flash                                                   

Project (Flash)                                            


Outdoor Portraiture                                       

Project (Portrait)                                        

Pet Portraiture                                                         

Project (Self Portrait)                                     

Sports and Action                                            

Project (sports/action)    

Landscape Photography                               

Night Photography                                          

Project (Night)  

Basic Color Theory                                                

Basic Filters                                                            

Project (filter experiment)                                 

Project (Evaluating Photographs)                      




Section 3 Developing


Types of Film        


Darkroom Chemicals                                                       

Developing Negatives                                                      

Project (Developing Film)                                      

Film Developing Quick Sheet                                      

Film Development Worksheet                                        

Push Processing                                                              

Film Developing Tips                                                       Darkroom items                                                                Enlarger                                                                               Photographic paper                                                          Project (Photogram)                                                  Project (Contact Sheet Test Strip)                  

Project (Contact Sheet)                                               

Project (Print Test Strip)  

Printing Tips                                                                     Project (Working Print)                                                

Darkroom filters                                                            

Project (darkroom Filters)                                            

Dodge and Burn                                                                 Project (Dodge and Burn)                                             Cropping                                                                

Project (Cropping)                                                         Project (Evaluating Photographs)                               


Section 4 World of Options


Project (Sepia Toning)                                                  

Project (Hand coloring with Markers)                         





Project (Hand Coloring with Oils)    

Project (Sabattier)  

Project (Infrared)    

Pinhole Photography     

Project (Creating Your Own Pinhole Camera)

Photography: Art or Craft?     

Project (Essay)             

Project (Find a Mentor)    

Man Ray                    

Gordon Parks             

David Hockney             

Project (Taboo)         

Digital vs. Film                    

Optimum Digital Quality             

Project (Digital)                    



Section 5 Reference


History of Photography          

Compositional Guidelines                

Project (Elements and Principles)

Bulk Loading Film                       

Advice to Photography Students     

Project (Cutting a Mat) 

Professional Presentation        

Tips and Tricks             


Suppliers                                        Bibliography