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What Reader's Are Saying:

"This book is very thorough, well-written and illustrated. I think it is one of those must-have books for all levels. I feel it is great instruction for beginners, tips and methods for intermediates and reference for the more experienced sculptor."

- Nina

"I wish I had this YEARS ago!"

- Katherine

"The large number of images make it easy to follow and understand."

- Jerry


"Polymer People: an Artist’s Method of Sculpting The Adult Torso in Polymer Clay"

eBook $10.99

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Create Realistic Adult Torsos

You will discover:

  1. Recommended tools and clays by the author
  2. Examples and demonstrations showing portion of the human torso
  3. Affects of age and weight on the appearance of the torso
  4. And much more!

 male torso   older torso  back  

Artist/Author Diane Dobson Barton’s work is in private and public collections around the globe.


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Table of Contents

7 - Introduction

8 - Tools

Sculpting Tools / Using Your Tools / Reference Photos / Work Surface

12 - Basics

Proportions / Conditioning / Curing

16 - Beginning

Core / Basic Shape

18 - Sculpting the Torso

Male / Female / Older Female / Heavy Female

33 - Finishing touches

Smoothing / Blemishes / Painting / Signing

35 - Reference

Common Errors / Trouble Shooting / Polymer Clay Comparison / Sources

40 - Index

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*All images and words copyright of Diane Dobson-Barton dba as Barton Studio 2002-2010