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Polymer clay covered pens


These make great unique gifts! I have heard that some artists remove the ink fillers before baking. I have had good luck without removing them, but it is an option. Also stay away from clear barrel pens, as they tend to melt while baking the clay.





Inexpensive disposable ball point pens, such as Bic with the black lids

A variety of polymer clay colors

Smooth surface mat or card board

Wet/dry sandpaper in 350, 450 and 600 grit

Craft or clay knife

Pasta machine (optional)



Condition the polymer clay as usual. Roll out your chosen clay on #3 setting on pasta machine. If rolling the clay by hand, make it about 1mm thick. With the knife cut a piece that is as wide as the pen area to be covered.



Roll the clay around the pen while ensuring the clay is in contact with the pen, so that you have one layer of the clay and no air bubbles. Cut off the excess.




Use the flat mat board to lie on top of the clay covered pen and roll it back and forth. It will help to smooth out the surface of the pen. Do this slowly and gently. If you go to fast you can pull the clay away from the pens surface and you will have to start over. I am doing this above on top of a piece of glass.


Once smooth, trim off any excess clay, and smooth off the ends of the pen, with your fingers. Bake the pen in the oven according to clay manufacturer’s directions. Once the pen is cooled sand with the sand paper using finer grit each time, in order to get a smooth surface. If you wish you can seal the pen with a clear acrylic sealer.


*Tip* If using a transparent clay dip it immediately from the oven into ice water until it is cool. It is supposed to help insure that the clay is as transparent as possible.


*Optional create a stand for the pens to be displayed in by creating one in more polymer clay. Simply press the ball point end into the clay to create the correct shape for them to stand in. Decorate the stand to your fit your personal taste.


*Cover the ends of your xacto knife, pencils and other items. Create your own 'matching set' of tools.