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Alternative methods of photography skills are a must have for a mixed-media artist. Learn how to take and build a basic pinhole photography camera. Color your images by hand for a vintage appearance, among many other techniques present for the beginner to alternative methods.


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"Black and White with a 35mm SLR Camera: Part Four"

Section 4 World of Options – Alternative Methods

Project (Sepia Toning) 70
Project (Hand coloring with Markers) 72
Project (Hand Coloring with Oils) 73
Project (Sabattier) 76
Project (Infrared) 77
Project (Tape Transfer) 78
Pinhole Photography 79
Project (Creating Your Own Pinhole Camera) 81
Project (Liquid Emulsion) 82
Photography: Art or Craft? 84
Project (Essay) 86
Project (Find a Mentor) 86
Artists Profiles 87
Man Ray
Gordon Parks
David Hockney
Project (Taboo) 94
Digital Manipulation 96
Digital vs. Film 95
Optimum Digital Quality 97
Project (Digital) 98