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Papermaking Terms

Blender - use an old blender dedicated to craft use, even better dedicated only for papermaking

Cover Screen - plastic or nylon the same size as the hand mold

Couch Sheets - blotter type paper used to help remove excess water from the wet sheets. Is pronounced 'kuch'

Curl or cockle - when the paper shrinks unevenly causing the paper to not be flat

Dip method - dipping the mold into the vat that contains slurry or pulp

Drain - I use an inexpensive plastic tray purchased in the pet department for cat litter

Hand Mold - a frame consisting of screen, screen support and a deckle

Inclusions - anything you add extra that is not the slurry or pulp such as dried herbs, flowers, glitter etc..

Papermaking Screen - woven fabric or plastic screen mesh that allow water to pass through but keep the papers from draining away

Paper press - used to keep the papers flat while drying

Pour method - by placing the hand mold into a vat of water and pouring the slurry into the hand mold

Press Bar - a smooth block of wood or plastic to help remove the water from the wet sheet

Slurry or Pulp - the fibers that make up the wet paper when they are suspended in water

Sponge - any kind will work fine as long as they will help to remove the water

Vat - a container large enough to hold the mold plus 2-3 inches

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