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Setting Keystroke Functions in Photoshop CS2

Do you find that you keep doing the same things over and over in Photoshop.  Say you do a lot of work on your website and always need to change image sizes to fit your need? This is a demonstration on how you can set up keystrokes so that each time you push that button while in Photoshop (say F4) on your keyboard it will automatically set the image to that size.


Glass Paper Weight Used in this demonstration was created by Karol Good


Open an image and check to see the size.



Select the Action Tab



In Action Tab press icon that resembles a post-it-note and a screen will pop up “New Action”


In the New Action screen fill the name you wish to assign the task, and the key to signal you need the task completed. Here I have assigned F5 for ‘Internet Small”



With an image open I press the round button on the ‘Actions Tab’, at that point it will turn red and be recording what I want the F key to be assigned to do.


I then go to Image and Image Size and the screen shown pops up.  I then fill out the size I want the image to be.  In this case it is 72 dpi and 3” x 2.25” and I click ‘OK’




The image then becomes the size I indicated and I press square in the ‘Actions Tab’ that turns blue when I roll over it.


To test if the key function was created properly I opened an image that I think is a different size.



I check the image size to be sure.



When I hit the F5 button the image immediately shrinks in size, as it is supposed to do.



Checking the image size I see that it has changed to the size I wanted it to be so I have done what I intended to do. :0)

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