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I realize this is a large amount of links to go through. But, if nothing else be sure to check out the 'Business Plan Examples' and the 'Open Source Software'. Of course if you have not already purchased "The Craft of Planning Your Art Business", be sure to visit for more information.


Business Plan Examples


Business Owners Toolkit Samples

Entrepreneur Sample Plans

A Business Plan Outline Business Plan Examples

Tattoo Artist Business Plan (Not Affiliated with AHT) - Lulu



ETSY - Your Place To Buy And Sell All Things Handmade

ETSY Article in Business Week


Artisan Business

Canopy Tips - Article



Art Business Information Sources


Crafter's Report Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

Small Business Administration

Business Search Engine

U.S. Government Business

EEOC and Small Business

Small Business Advisor


Wall Street Journal

NFIB - National Federation of Independent Business

United States Chamber of Commerce

Open Source Software for Your Business


Word Processing - Open Office

Accounting - Gnucash

Graphic - Gimp

FTP/SFTP - FileZilla

Appache, PHP and MySQL Bundle


Open Source Sites

Source Net

Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society

Open Source Downloads On