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"Fiber Blooms"


List of Supplies:

Cardboard 3.5 X 1 1/2 inches
Needle Nose Pliers
Craft Wire – 26 caliber
Wire Cutters
Fiber of choice (3 yards of one fiber for each flower)
Assortment of Buttons (or equal as many as you need to make flowers)
Floral Tape
Paper Punch


1. Cut cardboard to the correct size, and find center by drawing a line from corner to corner.

2. In the center of the X that is created take your paper punch and create a hole.

3. Place the end of your ribbon or fiber just above the hole and begin to wind it around the cardboard vertically. As you go past each end of the cardboard twist the fiber to one direction. You can just wind it around but I find the twist helps give it a bit more 'umph'.

4. Cut 2 pieces of wire about 3 inches long.

5. Run the wire underneath the inside ends of the ribbon and tighten enough it does not easily move. Do not twist the wire as you will be removing it soon.

6. Cut a piece of wire about 10 inches long and place it to the side.

7. Slip the cardboard out, keeping the ends of the fiber loops in their wires


8. Place one end of the 10 inch wire through the hole of the cardboard.

9. Place the ribbon on top of the cardboard and loop the wire over and back into the hole. Center the wire over the ribbon.

10. Pull the wire and ribbon from the cardboard and twist and tighten the wire.

11. Separate the ribbon with your finger tips, to fluff it up a bit.



12. (Optional) If you would like a more layered look, one way to achieve that is to turn the cardboard horizontally and work with another fiber through steps 3-11 as above. Use the wire that gathers the ribbon to attach it to the larger bloom by twisting and tightening it to the previous blooms wire.



13. Cut a wire 12 inches long (cut 2 if using a 4 hole button) Bend the wire in half and run each end of the wire through a hole.

14. Attach he button to the bloom by running wires through the petals and tightening. Make sure button is centered on bloom.

15. Starting at the base of the bloom, cover the wire with the floral tape. Do this by winding it around the wire at an angle until all of the wire is covered. If you want to add leaves simple add pieces of fabric cut into the correct shape and size and attach them as you wind the tape around.



Enjoy alone, or as a bouquet.

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