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Faux Polished Stone Dominoes

If you are new to alcohol inks this is a great way to see just what they can do!


Alcohol based inks (Adirondack, Pinata, or make your own)
White Felt
Paper Towels

Rubber Gloves to Protect Hands

Optional - Glue the white felt onto a small scrap of wood

1. Place a domino on a paper towel with the dotted side down.

2. Drop a few drops of alcohol ink onto the surface of the domino and blot up the excess with the felt side of the block.

3. Daub the ink around on the surface of the domino playing with the pattern and color. Notice that when you place ‘new ink’ on the surface it seems to repeal the older. Use this to your advantage and create an interesting looking polished stone appearance.

4. Play with color combinations and the amount of ink used. And do not forget the edges!


Use Krylon metal leafing pens to add a metallic element to the surface or around the edges only.

Seal the surface with Krylon clear paint. Once dry stamp images onto the surface. Because of the Krylon you will be able to wipe away any mistakes and retry.

Use metallic leaf on the stamped images for added sparkle.

Use the dominoes to embellish other items, or to make jewelery.

This is great project when you want fast results and/or to just loosen up your creativity.