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Brief Note on Depth of Field - Digital Photography of Small Objects


If you are going to be taking pics of beads, necklaces or other items that would have more depth then the items shown, remember the rule of thumb is to have one third on front and two thirds of the object toward the back.  I do not sell such items so for this demo I have skipped over shooting examples. I will focus more on knowing the settings for polymer clay figures. But if you have information and examples of doing this process and would like to share feel free to drop me a line :0)




If you are not familiar with what ‘Depth of Field’ is it is how far into the image the camera is able to shoot clearly.  Notice in this example that the berries to the back are not as in focus as the ones toward the front. If this had a high depth of field they would be in focus all the way from front to back. If your camera has a shutter setting the faster the shutter speed the lower the depth of field.