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Ten Things You Can Deduct As An Artist Working From Home

(Note- I am not a tax attorney, so be sure to contact a legal professional if necessary)

1. Magazines - That's right, any magazine that you purchase to read more about your chosen profession, or submit your art to is allowed.

2. Entry Fees - Time to dig out the information you filed away back in March of 2006 to enter your work in that competition.

3. Art Supplies - Must have to make art. So remember to keep those receipts from Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick!

4. A portion of your rent/mortgage - You will find the necessary information most likely on your schedule C form.

5. Internet - Percentage of cost you use for business.

6. Hardware - Computer Hardware that is. Did you need to get a new Printer last year?

7. Maintenance - Upkeep of studio/office space, such as necessary floor covering, or wall paint.

8. Office Supplies - Paper used in printer, ink, envelopes etc that are a part of business.

9. Postage - Cost of postage for work sold, or for shows.

10. Travel Cost - Did you need to make a run somewhere to participate in a business activity? Be sure to take the deductions possible. But only those that apply to necessary business travel