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How to Clean a Pasta Machine

Model used in demonstration is an Atlas.

How often you need to do this will depend on how often you use your pasta machine.


Phillips Screwdriver

Paper Towels

Disposable pre-moistened wipes

Pliers to loosen nuts


1. Begin by gathering the necessary supplies. 


2. Remove the screws from the two feet on the bottom. There are four screws here total. 


3. Once they are off, take the screws out of either side on the main body. Take note of where the screws came out of – especially the first time you do this. 

see how the rollers and other parts go together.

  •  6.Carefully clean around each roller with the pre-moistened toilettes, and the metal strips beside each of them. You may need to do some gentle scrapping on the strips, depending on how much clay is imbedded beneath. 

7. Once you are happy with your cleaning, you need to begin putting it all back together. 


8. I find that making sure one side is all where it needs to be, and gently putting everything in-line for the other side helps. However, it is nearly impossible to get it all perfect the first time. The best thing you can do is to coax each part gently into the panel as you go. It could take a little practice, and you may need to have a third hand to help you the first time. But after you put it back together once, it is a breeze!

9. Screw all the nuts and screws back where they came off.