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Buffer Wheel for Your Dremel




The buffer wheels that you can buy work wonderful. You can also create your own that are wider, and wider makes you work faster. So there will be less time buffing, and more time for creating.



To begin with I cut out a number of 1 1/2 inch circles from various materials; denim, cotton batting, and plain white cotton fabric.





Fold each into fourths and snip a whole into the center.






Baste through 5 pieces at a time, half way between the hole and the edge. You may not find the basting necessary, but for me it worked better.




Combine 2 of each from above to create stacks of 10 and sew them together.




With a Dremel Cutting Tool, cut the end off of a wood screw, leaving as much of the straight shaft at the top as possible.





Place two of the pads (10 sheets each) onto the screw and insert it into your Drexel and you have a wide buffing tool!

I found that the cotton batting worked the best for me. The denim left little pieces of thread all over my office. But that most likely was due to type of denim I used.

Be sure to not add so many pads that you overwork the tools motor!