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Setting up a blog


Blogs are everywhere! But what are they? They are an online journal of sorts, that can include just about anything you want them to. The goal can be toward business, personal, or anything in between. You can update it was as often as you wish, have email sent to subscribers so they will know when you have posted. You can include pictures, links, antidotes…the choice is yours!


If you do not have a website already to host images, try out Flickr. It is a free service aimed at bloggers in general. They also include an upgrade that you can purchase. But the free version currently allows you to have 20 mgs of space a month. So unless you plan on doing much more then the average blogger, this should work nicely.

You can purchase a blog space if you wish. But being frugal is part of my nature, so I look for the free options first. The ones that are most popular are livejournal, Blogger, or Xanga. I personally use See my blog at


At the speed that bloggers are growing I am sure as soon as I hit 'publish' on this page there will be changes. And as you can imagine there are a great number of blogs out there that would be of no interest to you. They have virtually come one step closer to cutting out the 'publisher' in the 'publishing world'. So be sure to check to be sure a free service fits your needs, and is in fact free before signing up!

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