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An Artist Business Plan - A Guideline


1. Cover sheet – Tell the reader the name of business and what is the plan for?


2. Statement of purpose / Executive Summary – You will write this last as it says what all the reader is looking

    at in a brief summary

3. Table of contents

                I. The Business

                                A. Description of business

                                            Tell reader about your art and the history of your business

                                B. Marketing

                                             Who will be purchasing your items and how will you let others know of your work?

                                             Will you do t-shirts? Have a webpage? Brochures etc…

                                             Target customer demographic information

                                C. Competition

                                              Who are they and what do they offer that you can/can not do

                                              better then they are currently offering?

                                 D. Operating procedures

                                              How will the work be done?

                                              Will you be a sole proprietor? Or other?

                                 E. Personnel

                                              Who will do the work?

                                              Job Descriptions

                                  F. Business insurance

                                              How will all business expenses be covered in an emergency

                                             that would be covered by insurance?


               II. Financial Data

                                  A. Loan applications

                                               Any that you have applied for, or wish to apply for

                                  B. Capital equipment and supply list

                                               Inventory of all materials

                                  C. Balance sheet

                                               How much money do you have available?

                                               How much money do you owe? Regularly pay out?

                                  D. Breakeven analysis

                                               How much do you need to sell, what you need to pay out

                                               in order to break even

                                  E. Income projections (profit & loss statements)

                                               Three-year summary

                                                             Financial Goals for 3 years from now

                                                              Detail by month, first year

                                                              Financial Goal for each month for the next year from now

                                                Detail by quarters, second and third years

                                                               Financial goals for each quarter

                                                               Assumptions upon which projections were based

                                                               Back up your goals and expectations with facts

                                    F. Cash flow

                                                 How will you be sure that there will be enough

                                                 money to cover all expenses? Will you keep your

                                                  day job?


          III. Supporting Documents


                                   A. Tax returns for last three years

                                                If you are a sole proprietor have your last three years taxes on file. If

                                                not a SP, then taxes of all principal personnel responsible for the

                                                financial aspects of the business. 

                                   B. Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space  

                                                If you have a separate space to create, other then in home, copy of the                 

                                                lease or mortgage for space. If is in the home, copies of rent, mortgage


                                  C. Copy of utility bills

                                  D. Copy of licenses and other legal documents

                                  E. State Business License

                                  F. Property tax information

                                  G. Copy of resumes of all principal parties

                                                 If sole proprietors have your own resume on file

                                   H. Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc

                                   I. Who will send you supplies?