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Business Checklists


Business plan checklist


Begin with a mission statement so you know where you want to go with it all


Describe as much as you an about what you will be providing your customers


Keep good records of all aspects of your business


Review the plan regularly and make necessary changes


A three ring binder works well to keep all your papers in one spot, or one for each area of your business.


Keep extra copies of important pertinent information in a safe place such as a security box or in a location separate from business in case of fire etc... Such as business licenses, tax returns and other necessary papers.


Keep important days of when payments or projects are due listed on a business calendar to keep you on track.


To-Do list that are prioritized are a good thing to make every day to help keep you on task.


Keep an ongoing list of specific information you need to look at closer.


Go back through previous notes and schedules from time to time to see if there was anything you could have done differently or negative things you could prevent from happening again.


Put everything you can into writing in order to keep you focused and clear minded. Take the necessary steps to make things happen.


Evaluate your day to day activities and to-do list to be sure you are always working toward your goal.


Remain positive about what you want to achieve


Business communications checklist


A separate phone line is nice but it may not be necessary for your particular business


Find the best long distance plan you can, compare and shop around


Leave a professional answering machine message on your phone. If you share a phone line be sure have the person in business name mentioned in the message.


A cordless phone can be an asset when working at home, enabling you to not be confined to one are when on the phone.


Consider purchasing a fax machine for your business, especially if you find yourself using one outside of the home on a regular basis.


Purchase surge protectors for all of your electronic equipment. When threatening weather is near unplug everything to prevent any possible damage.


If you are not already, get online as soon as possible! Consider it a priority. Email alone will make it worth it, not taking into consideration all the other aspects that the internet holds.


Profit checklist


Realize that the only thing you can count on with the art business is that you never know what will happen next.


Educate yourself about all areas concerning your business


Use new technology for the good of your business


Bring in new products on a regular basis


Look at how you price items and make necessary adjustments


Always be on the lookout for new markets for the products and services of your business


Be aware of time management, make necessary adjustments


Set up a work schedule for yourself that you are comfortable with


Take regular breaks


Work smarter, not necessarily harder