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Making Glass Beads

  Mini-video download showing a portion of making glass beads. (WMV)



In late August of 2006 a friend and I, joined long-time friend Karol Good at her glass studio.  She was gracious enough to show us her process of making glass beads.

Over the years I have purchased a number of Karol Good's beads to use in my mixed media work. I have known her since the mid 1980's, when our friendship began as she was one of my first college instructors.

She began by showing us her studio which is in the basement of her home.  It is safer to do it here with occasional flying glass, and oxygen tanks.  And rather then use propane she has it set up so she can use natural gas.

A better view of her work area.  Notice how neat and orderly it all is :0) 

Beginning to put glass on the rod. She keeps it turning constantly to keep the shape nice and round.

She began adding colored glass with a blue/green 'stringer'.

Using a graphite paddle to smooth the edges as it begins to cool.

The finished bead. It is still incredibly hot! At this point she would normally put it in her kiln to cool.

From here it is removed from the coated metal rod and cleaned by reaming it out with a small file.

Then it is either sold as it, or included in one of her original jewelry pieces.


FYI The video I included here was the very first one I did with my Cannon Power Shot A530.  The goal is to have more information available in this type of format.

Karol Good Creations