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Basic Skinner Blend

Condition two colors of polymer clay.

Stack and cut into two equal rectangles.


Slice into diagonal pices slightly off center, and not point to point.

Create a square with one triangle from each color.

Run through the pasta machine one size smaller than the one used to create the original squares.

Fold the square into half, with like color to like color.

Place into pasta machine with the fold touching the rollers.

Continue doing this until the colors begin to blend.


The blend will natually increase in width unless convinced it needs to do otherwise.

To convince it not to, place it into the pasta machine against the edge and nudge the shorter side into itself.

It should roll out more evenly. Because this technique requires you put it through the machine a large number of times, you will have to keep doing this in order to keep it from becoming a long horizontal strip as wide as the rollers on the machine you are using.

Skinner Blend Rolled Bead