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Basic Altered Book Journal



Basic Supplies


Discarded book - approx 5’ x 7”

Glue stick

White acrylic paint

Set of Alphabet stamps / or quote stamp

Black stamp pad

2 sheets of decorative paper –

1 Tag

Blank paper 8.5" x 11" -25 sheets


Coordinated (for instance all green, all purple etc…)


1 sheet of Mulberry paper

Fibers / Ribbon / Beads 





Utility or craft knife

1” paint brush – painting cover

Small paint brush - to spread glue

Paper trimmer

Adjustable size stapler




Modge podge

Eyelets and eyelet punch



  1. Cut out pages of book, by cutting on edge of binding inside of book
  2. Cut off spine of book along crease
  3. Clean edges with scissors or knife
  4. Paint front and back cover with white paint
  5. While paint is drying, cut paper to size – you want it to be folded over with a center crease. 
  6. Using a scrap paper the same size as pages, adjust stapler to correct size. Staple pages in the center. Fold over all pages. Use bone folder or ruler to make a good crease.
  7. Cut decorative paper to use for end covers. Measure to be sure they are correct size.  
  8. Stamp tag with quote
  9. Cut and tie ribbon into bow
  10. String bead(s) onto another 6” piece of Ribbon.
  11. Glue first and last page of the inside papers (signature) to the inside of the front and back covers.
  12. Glue decorative paper over the pages just glued into place.
  13. Cut a strip of Mulberry paper 3” wide and 1/2 “ longer then the height of the book
  14. Glue one edge of the mulberry paper along the front edge of the spine
  15. Turn book over, making sure paper is reasonably tight glue other edge.
  16. Insert end of 6” ribbon into center of the pages, allowing the beads to hang on the outside.
  17. Glue Tag with quote onto the front cover.





Option 1


1. Make more then one signature.


2. Glue front and back pages of center signature to the section in front of and behind it.


3. Continue on with rest of the steps presented above.



Option 2


1. Measure, mark, punch and insert 5 eyelets along one long edge of the cover.


2. Cut paper, envelopes and other material you wish to insert into the book, to size.


3. Line one page up under the cover and mark holes with pencil. Punch holes in all pages.


4. Line pages and cover, lace a fiber in and out of the eyelets to bind the pages together.


5. Continue with the rest of the steps presented above.



Option 3


1. Paint surface of cover and/or tag with Modge Podge for added protection to the elements.