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RSS Basics


What is RSS? It is a feed for information that is published frequently on the internet to be received by the public all in one place.  For instance once signed up a person can have links to all their favorite blogs and news sites in their email, a specific page on the internet, or portable device.  For instance someone could go to their My Yahoo page and have all their favorite blogs listed, ready and waiting to be read.

Think of it as way to have a super center of information without having to travel everywhere to obtain what can be found instead in one convenient location.

Pretty nifty huh :0)

Why not just use a search engine? In comparison Search engines are much slower, and do not find up to the minute update that an RSS Reader can. Think of it as a search engine on steroids, personalized to fit the readers needs.

To read them an RSS Reader is needed, such as those provided by My Yahoo, MSN, NewsGator and others.