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Artist/Author Diane Dobson Barton’s work is in private and public collections around the globe. She holds a B.S.E.D. in Art Education and a MA in Art from Pittsburg State University.


"This book is very thorough, well-written and illustrated. I think it is one of those must-have books for all levels. I feel it is great instruction for beginners, tips and methods for intermediates and reference for the more experienced sculptor."

- Nina

"The large number of images make it easy to follow and understand."

- Jerry

"I wish I had this YEARS ago!"

- Katherine

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Learn How To Create Realistic Figures

64 pages of step-by-step examples and instructions to show you how to create a realistic human head in polymer clay.

You Will Discover:

  1. Tools and clays recommended by the author
  2. How to mix a wide variety of skin tones and ranges.
  3. Examples and demonstrations showing how-to create each portion of the human head.
  4. Two methods of sculpting heads will be covered, so you can find the method that works best for you.
  5. And much more!

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Announcing The New E-Book;

"Polymer People: An Artist's Method of Sculpting the Adult Head in Polymer Clay"

The beginning of the ultimate collection of information for the polymer clay artist working with the realistic human form

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