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Polymer Clay Buttons


I had some beads left from the Natasha Bead Tutorial. I decided to use them to make buttons to have on hand for future projects. You of course do not need to use a Natasha Bead to do this project, and can make them in whatever shape, color and texture you wish.

To begin condition your clay as you normally would.




I took part of the Nastaha Bead and sliced off an even design, evening, flattening and smoothing out the edges. You can make them into any design, shape or size you wish. You do however need to have an even number of holes to attach it once it is cured.




I then used a bamboo skewer to make evenly spaced holes. If you wish smaller holes a wire or other item can be used by simply pushing it through the clay.




Then you will need to cure the clay so that they can be used. I do not recommend having them on a clothing item and putting into a hot dryer. I am sure the mess it would make in the drum would not be pretty.

I made a number of these to have on hand and for use in an experiment of attempting to microwave polymer clay.