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Magazine Organizers

For starters I decided to do this because I am an avid reader but I don’t like the clutter of having numerous magazines sitting around in plain view.

When I went to price magazine organizers, I had MAJOR sticker shock.  To purchase the seven shown here, it would have cost me approx.  $100 – 140.  For the project below I spent approx 20 if I had purchased the paper new. 

In my case, I have been collecting paper for a while and looking for a creative way to use it, ‘someday’.


  • Empty Cereal / Postal Box - Same Size
  • Scissors
  • Archival Glue Stick / Spray Glue
  • Selection of archival papers – 2-3 sheets  per box
  • Tags – One per box
  • Brads  - Two per box
  • Pencil
  • Paper Punch / Needle Tool


Box in demonstration is 12.5 inches X 14.5 inches X 2.5 inches

If necessary clean box of any loose paper.  Wipe surface with a dry cloth to remove dust or dirt.


Cut off the top of the box to remove any flaps etc. 

On top edge mark 4 inches in for the top angle.

At the bottom measure up 4 inches, and then inward 4 inches.  This gives you the bottom angle.

Draw a line from the top inside line and the bottom angle line.


Center your first sheet of scrapbooking paper across the front of you box and wrap it around the edge as far as it will go.  Make sure your bottom edge of the box is lined up with the bottom of the paper.

Use archival glue of choice to attach paper to the box. Smooth out any air bubbles and try to make it as straight as you can.

Or in case you are being more creative, have it where you want it as soon as you place it on the box if possible.

As shown in the image to the left, attach the next piece of paper with the edge touching the first piece. This gives a smoother surface to the box surface.  But if you prefer to overlap, there are no rules.  I promise the ‘crafting police’ will not show up and smack your knuckles lol.


On the bottom of the boxes you can neatly clip away any excess paper.  It helps if you have lined the paper up evenly with the bottom edge when adhering.

For each corner of the box that comes outward, you will need to cut them so they will fold over flat to the inside of the box. This gives it a neater appearance. 

For outer corners cut as shown in the image.


For inside corner cut from the edge of the paper to the edge of the box, then fold over as shown.  Put glue along the edge of the box and/ or on the paper to make it adhere.  Smooth the edges down with your fingertips.


For flat corner such as along the top of the box, you will cut out a ‘V’ shape.  Make sure you do not cut all the way through and make the ‘V’ fall off.

Glue the ‘V’ to the inside of the box and the sides next.

m3.jpg m4.jpg

On the front of the box attach a tag of some sort. In this case I used a gold paper tag giving it an elegant touch.  I glued mine into place with the same glue used on the rest of the box.

Poke a hole through the cardboard where there are holes on the tag, carefully! If there are no holes you can always make them.

Insert brads into the holes.  This gives it a finished look.

I opted to not write on the labels, but again that is up to you.


A side view of the combinations of a few of the combinations that I made.


So there ya’ have it.  Mine are now at home in my home office. BTW, these could also be used for storing other items besides magazines.  You could store scrap papers, file folders, bill etc…

Now, go forth and organize!