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Free Countdown Collection Coming Again Soon

*Please see the FAQ below before downloading your free images

I want them all right now! So I will go here so you can tell me about buying them.




Is there a catch?


Wellll, yea there is just a small one. I ask that you post a link to this page on your blog, group or chatroom if you download the images. So, it isn't a huge catch. Just a way for you to spread the goodness that is Mother's Day.


When I click on an image I get a page saying to come back. What is the deal?


Since this is a countdown you will have to come back on the day appointed. On that day I will post a teaser of what the larger image will be. Click on that teaser and you will be directed to the downloadable image.


How do I download the image?


Right click on the image and save on your system.


Why are you offering these for free?


Over the years I have collected a large number of images. This is one of my ways of sharing :0) This year I played with my filters to make them a bit more interesting than the same ol' same ol'


What if I don't want to wait and come back each day to download. I mean I am a busy person, and I would rather spend my time creating.


If you want to save time you are welcome to purchase the entire collection at once. See the link above beneath the countdown.


What if I want to use these on work that I sell or publish?


That is fine, as long as you follow the Angel Policy.


What is the resolution of the images linked here?


All images are at 150 dpi resolution. That makes them large enough for most printed purposes, but still small enough that my host doesn't turn blue.


I checked on this page on the appointed day and it still is not available. What gives?


I just haven't gotten to changing the page yet, please check back later in the day.

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