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Call For Submissions

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About us:

More than ten years experience in publishing eBooks on the topic of arts and crafts, for children and adults.

Submission Process:

Step 1. Send us a query email

Query letter should include three paragraphs:

  1. Title, number of words, a paragraph telling about the topic covered, your name/pen name, and contact information.

  2. Describe your target audience

  3. Tell about yourself and your writing experience

Step 2. Please submit your manuscript, if requested

Manuscripts sent to us in .rtf or .odt format. To make sure your file is in the correct format go to “File”, “Save As”, and then choose file format .rtf or .odt

Single Space

One file for entire manuscript

Times New Roman, or Courier in 12 point font

Any art included in document as it would be published, this includes cover art

There may be cases where a PDF file is the best way to send your manuscript. In this case be sure the file is formatted ready to be published.

Step 3. If necessary, make changes and resubmit

Once your galley has been returned to you, if there are requested changes it is suggested that you keep a list of them to refer to during the process.

We do not accept:

Authors living outside the United States

Any subject or author that would pose a legal liability

eBook files larger than 10 MB

Snail mailed CD or printed manuscripts. We only consider submissions by email.

Books not fitting within the scope of Arts and Crafts

Step 4. Submit signed Publishing Agreement to

To download the Publishing Agreement go here

Note: Author keeps 70% of eBook sale price, payable during the first week of the month.

If you have any questions, please do not hessitate to contact us at

Step 5. Submit any images you wish to appear with your eBook listing, along with your prefered selling price.


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